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This is Jack…and Zoe.

Jack is one of my all-time closest friends, a kid I met while I was teaching photography at an arts camp in Massachusetts. He had this innate curiosity about just about everything – that and a great eye for art and a knack for photography – well, you can figure the rest out. He quickly started turning into a phenomenal photographer.

Not only that, but he thought I was a pretty decent photographer that he could learn from, so we started hanging out. That was six years or so ago…and a friendship that has grown in breadth and depth with each year. We went from being counselor and camper to counselor and counselor, he’s now my second shooter at weddings, and it’s a treat to go out and just shoot with Jack.

He’s probably going to get a swelled head if he reads this, but oh well!

He was so intent – on his photography, on playing and producing music, on doing mostly bizarre things with computers, on studying his butt off – that he never seemed to have time for romance or relationships.

Imagine my surprise when he suddenly was hanging out with the cutest – and incredibly interesting girl, Zoe.

This past weekend we met up after they had scoured Northern New Hampshire checking out the fall foliage – and on a cold and blustery New England day I did some portraits of them.

Here’s one I’m particularly fond of.

j and z blog

The past few days my nature writing and photography class has been working on a conceptual assignment – the disappearing season. Their task was to ponder that concept and in photographs and writing create a journal entry or entries. As I dealt with tons of their questions, I thought I’d take a stab at it myself – it’s easier to deal with their frustrations and issues if I’ve encountered them myself.

A walk through the woods to the river  and I came to realize I was almost too late – the ice is virtually gone, but I came up with a few images that seemed to work.

Looks like the disappearing season is disappearing quickly…here comes Spring!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.JRR_5184JRR_5150JRR_5168JRR_5181JRR_5158JRR_5202

Took a walk with the kids in photography club last week – through the field, woods and onto the footbridge over the stream.

Glad I went there before last night’s-todays blizzard. The stream was full of these funky ice patterns, patterns that I’m sure are now buried under 20 inches of snow.

Can’t figure out what the patterns remind me of, just like the flow and form of them.

Would love to know your comments.

ice-6 ice-5 ice-1 ice-6ice-3 ice-4

Tamworth, New Hampshire is a sleepy little town tucked away in the White Mountains – sleepy, that is,  until you discover it.

Upon finding it you’ve stumbled upon one of the prettiest areas of a state that is overflowing with pretty areas – and it is a perfect place for a wedding.

Tommy’s family has been coming here for years and years and a few years ago his sister got married here. I was so excited when Lizzie called me about shooting her wedding. My excitement wasn’t wasted! She and Tommy are an amazing couple, very comfortable with each other, allowing the other to have space, freedom and interests that they then bring back to the relationship.

The wedding could only be described as country chic – full of class with a down-home rural New Hampshire flavor. Met a whole lot of new people, reacquainted with  others from Gusty’s wedding, was treated to a huge full moon, fireworks display and exceptional band, Sweeter in stereo.

No other words for it than to say a perfect day for a great couple! Here’s a few photos from the event.7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding 7-12-14 Lizzie and Tommy Wedding

Generally I don’t start shooting senior till late summer/early fall. The combination of teens wanting maximum tan and a healthy dose of procrastination conspire to create a crush of photo sessions close to yearbook deadlines.

What a treat to get to do a shoot in June! Kendrick is a renaissance kind of guy – serious student, has a plan for the future, competitively swims the butterfly and individual medley and is a surfer. The location was a no brainer – off to the beach. It was kind of a beautiful day, only thing missing was a few clouds in the sky to add some visual interest, but you just can’t have everything.

We spent a couple of hours meandering the beach, shooting this and that, trying different combinations of clothes, talking and just having fun. That’s an essential ingredient to a senior shoot – if it’s not fun the pictures won’t be as good as they could and probably won’t reflect who the young adult is.

Here are a few photos from the shoot.


It’s last second scramble for yearbook pictures time at school, so suddenly my equipment is at school daily and I’m doing head shots of students who weren’t here for school picture day. One student wanted me to photograph him…how could I say no?

I enlisted two other students to hold a piece of black cloth – one had it wrapped around the side so it would prevent the window light from bouncing back and filling in the not-lit side of his face.

A conversion to black and white, minor skin retouching and…Mikey!mikey

Slush, sleet and freezing rain have always struck me much like a porcupine – pretty useless in the greater scheme of things. Porcupines eat the bark off trees – adding to the tree’s demise rather quickly.

Slush takes winter’s beauty and does a number on it, rendering a winter wonderland into a sloppy mess. Too heavy to shovel, it still grabs your car tires and sends the car places it didn’t want to go. (more…)

One of the huge benefits to working in a school is access to what seems like a never-ending supply of beautiful people to photograph. Couple that with the fact that one of the classes I teach is photography and the opens up a ton of options for subjects.

I was thinking about having the class do a project on photographing people with window light and figured a few examples would go further than just talking about it, so I asked Ashlee ( who was sporting a new hairdo that day) if I could photograph her. (more…)

Last night Eliza and I dug a hole in the overgrowth up the hill from the house. I handled the pick, she the shovel. We were lucky – there weren’t as many tree roots and rocks as you would expect in this part of New Hampshire, though the fact that we were digging at dusk did multiply the mosquito factor exponentially. Too hot to wear shirts or sweatshirts, a lot of bare skin was offered for their nightly feast.

The hole was about 3-4 feet deep, a couple feet wide and the same long. Big enough to accommodate Boo. (more…)