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Out for a hike  to spend time with family…and do some photography as well…and came upon this old house. Judging from the beams, we’re talking a home from the mid 1700’s I’d guess. From the looks of it, years of neglect and a roof that no longer kept out the weather were it’s demise and it’s now being taken down board by board. The person doing the job must be planning on re-using the lumber…and he or she has an infinite amount of patience! I’ve done that work before and it’s not for a person in any hurry.

What caught my eye was the door – would love to know why it is still on – not doing much in the way of keeping anything out, but visually a real treat. So, thank you to the unknown person doing the work – you provided a very satisfying photograph for me!

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Slush, sleet and freezing rain have always struck me much like a porcupine – pretty useless in the greater scheme of things. Porcupines eat the bark off trees – adding to the tree’s demise rather quickly.

Slush takes winter’s beauty and does a number on it, rendering a winter wonderland into a sloppy mess. Too heavy to shovel, it still grabs your car tires and sends the car places it didn’t want to go. (more…)

I’m no student of meteorology, but it seems to me that because of the influence of the ocean it’s impossible to predict the severity of the winter storms that hit the area. The weather folks issue warnings, alerts, talk about accumulations in feet instead of inches. Really it’s all a big crap shoot.

So tonight they’re talking about  1 to 2 feet of snow, schools have already cancelled, the grocery stores are packed like it’s the end of the world. There are lines at the gas stations, everyone is prepping their generators – OK, I’ll admit I’ll probably dig out the camp stove just in case, it’s the best I can do … no generator to get ready. (more…)

My parents are buried in a small rundown cemetery on the top of a hill in Wheeling, West Virginia. It’s not far from where I grew up, but it isn’t exactly around the corner from New hampshire, so I don’t get back there a lot.

When I do, there are two things that always happen – I have long tearful conversations with them, take stock of where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I’m heading. I suspect a therapist would have a field day if these conversations were recorded … thankfully they stay at the cemetery. (more…)

Decided that since the beach is a favorite for me, it was the place to start 2013. Up at 4:30am, out the door by 5, coffee steaming and a thermos full for warmth later. At the beach and on the sand before 5:30 – more than hour to kill before false dawn, wind blowing and guess what…it’s not exactly balmy out!

Doesn’t matter, the air is crisp and clean, just what I need for a start to a year. (more…)

Jon the Painter

January 27, 2009

That sounds almost biblical! Monday morning I set off for North Walpole, NH to meet up with Jon McAuliffe. Jon’s an artist, managing to do portraits – of the painted variety not photographic variety – for a living. Jon also happened to be selling a Mac G5 that I was needing – one of those must have been fate connections that you can make on Craigs List where he had advertised the machine. (more…)