Jack and Zoe – NH portrait photography

This is Jack…and Zoe.

Jack is one of my all-time closest friends, a kid I met while I was teaching photography at an arts camp in Massachusett…

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The Potter – MA portrait photography

I am an extremely lucky person – I have met and photographed some simply amazing people along the way, but few as incredible as world class potter …

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Spring sky – NH landscape photography

It has been a really strange run of weather – snow that seemed limitless this winter coupled with brutally cold temperatures, a dry spring that’s b…

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Abandoned house – NH Fine Art Photography

Out for a hike  to spend time with family…and do some photography as well…and came upon this old house. Judging from the beams, we’re talking …

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The disappearing season – NH landscape photography

The past few days my nature writing and photography class has been working on a conceptual assignment – the disappearing season. Their task was to …

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Ice – NH landscape photography

Took a walk with the kids in photography club last week – through the field, woods and onto the footbridge over the stream.

Glad I went there be…

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Strange winter – NH landscape photography

Bone-chilling cold, then mild Spring-like then bone-chilling cold…but not enough snow to make it seem like it’s already mid-January. That’s been …

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Winter’s closing in – NH landscape photography

Anyone living in New England knows how lucky we’ve been – with the exception of the Thanksgiving storm the weather has been mild and snowless – bad…

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Linden- Fashion photography

Long time friend ( and second daughter) Linden needed some photos for her college portfolio – she’s bound and determined to be a fashion designer. …

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Owls – NH wildlife photography

Good friend and world class wildlife rehabilitator Jane Kelly called the other day – she was releasing a young Barred Owl back into the wild after …

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Maeve – Massachusetts newborn photography

One of the best compliments I get is when I’m asked to shoot newborn photos of a couple whose wedding I photographed.

It’s a great reality check…

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Lizzie and Tommy – New Hampshire wedding photography

Tamworth, New Hampshire is a sleepy little town tucked away in the White Mountains – sleepy, that is,  until you discover it.

Upon finding it y…

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Torunn – Massachusetts child photography

Starting to revert more and more to Black and White – it’s where I started and where I keep returning. There’s just something so honest about black…

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Kendrick – NH senior pictures

Generally I don’t start shooting senior till late summer/early fall. The combination of teens wanting maximum tan and a healthy dose of procrastin…

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Tiana – NH child photography

I, like so many other people, am aware of how quickly time passes, but nothing makes it so evident to me than when I photograph children.

In lat…

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