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Starting to revert more and more to Black and White – it’s where I started and where I keep returning. There’s just something so honest about black and white – you don’t get lost in the color, your attention is forced into the content and composition of the photo.

In this day and age of filters, presets and canned actions the craft of imaging feels lost in a sea of one-click adjustments. It feels nice to look at images in a simpler way though I think black and white is really much more complex.

Take Torunn, for instance. Her blond hair and red shorts pull your eye away from the feeling of the pure innocence of a napping child. There’s certainly a time and place where color really adds to the information, but for the most part I think it detracts.

Torunn is the youngest daughter of the head of the textile department at Charles River Arts Camp ( my home away from home in the summer). She – like her Mom – is a super high energy never-stop-for-a-break kind of kid.
The other day she finally ran out of steam – much to the surprise . . . and delight of her babysitter.
I was threatened with my life if I woke her while shooting – I was very careful!
Now if I could figure out how to load that Tri-X film into a digital camera! Just imagine, the speed of digital combined with the quality of film.
Nirvana indeed.


I market myself as shooting non-traditional family portraits, but I got a big helping hand recently from a seven-year-old.

A few weeks ago good friend and teaching mentor Stacey Clark asked me to shoot a family portrait of her, her brother and their families. It was a no-brainer for me to say yes – Stace has been ( and continues to be) instrumental in my becoming a good teacher, is a favorite photo subject of mine, and I love her family like they were my own. (more…)

Last night Eliza and I dug a hole in the overgrowth up the hill from the house. I handled the pick, she the shovel. We were lucky – there weren’t as many tree roots and rocks as you would expect in this part of New Hampshire, though the fact that we were digging at dusk did multiply the mosquito factor exponentially. Too hot to wear shirts or sweatshirts, a lot of bare skin was offered for their nightly feast.

The hole was about 3-4 feet deep, a couple feet wide and the same long. Big enough to accommodate Boo. (more…)

There’s no end to the things I love about my daughter, but ranking right up there near the top is her attitutude about her hair – she views it as a canvas upon which art should be created, and if it doesn’t work, Oh well, it will grow out again.

Yesterday she decided to get a radical cut – I envisioned a mohawk or other such intense cut, but when I got home last night, I saw the most beautiful cut ever. The stylist, Shannon Dalesio, who owns Shearindipity in Newmarket, turned out to be a mind reader in the project. (more…)

I recently got an iTouch – too many calls when I was in a situation where I’d say ” Don’t have my calendar with me, can I call you back in a few hours” – not a great way to do business. I wanted my calendar and my music ( as constant companion as my dog Sid) in the same gizmo, I’m a committed Mac user, so the touch seemed like the way to go.
And, in case you’re interested, no, I wasn’t interested in an iPhone, for a ton of reasons starting with AT&T and ending with unlocked iPhones are just way too expensive for my blood. But I digress! (more…)

Wow…2010. A whole new decade, starting off with people undecided how to say it. Is is twenty ten or two thousand ten…or does it really matter?

I was going to post a look back at the last decade, but its pretty overwhelming when I think about the fact that at the beginning of the new millennium – remember the big scare with Y2K – well on New Year’s Eve I was in El Paso, Texas, having just covered the Sun Bowl and people were afraid to fly because they thought all the onboard computers might crash. (more…)


May 6, 2009

It’s tough being 12, getting dragged around with your parents as they have adult fun – which often consists of digging through stuff, junk, and other assorted treasures in thrift stores and people’s barns.

The nice thing about bored is that it lends itself to a variety of photos that are different than the average picture of your kid smiling for the camera. The only tough parts are not being able to light the photos…and not getting caught! (more…)

Julie and Nick

March 12, 2009

Today I photographed Julie and Nick Rost – Julie is about two weeks from  giving birth  to their first child – although Axel, their 4 month old puppy may well be considered their first child! Doing this photo session was probably a big leap for Dr. Nick ( he’s a remarkable chiropracter with an incredible gentle touch at Ken George and Associates of Stratham, (http://www.drkengeorge.com/healing_center.html). (more…)