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This is Jack…and Zoe.

Jack is one of my all-time closest friends, a kid I met while I was teaching photography at an arts camp in Massachusetts. He had this innate curiosity about just about everything – that and a great eye for art and a knack for photography – well, you can figure the rest out. He quickly started turning into a phenomenal photographer.

Not only that, but he thought I was a pretty decent photographer that he could learn from, so we started hanging out. That was six years or so ago…and a friendship that has grown in breadth and depth with each year. We went from being counselor and camper to counselor and counselor, he’s now my second shooter at weddings, and it’s a treat to go out and just shoot with Jack.

He’s probably going to get a swelled head if he reads this, but oh well!

He was so intent – on his photography, on playing and producing music, on doing mostly bizarre things with computers, on studying his butt off – that he never seemed to have time for romance or relationships.

Imagine my surprise when he suddenly was hanging out with the cutest – and incredibly interesting girl, Zoe.

This past weekend we met up after they had scoured Northern New Hampshire checking out the fall foliage – and on a cold and blustery New England day I did some portraits of them.

Here’s one I’m particularly fond of.

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Anyone living in New England knows how lucky we’ve been – with the exception of the Thanksgiving storm the weather has been mild and snowless – bad for the skiers, boarders and plow truck folks, but good for the rest of us.

Can’t say I minded seeing the ground on Christmas, but I have a feeling the party’s about over. The river in Newmarket is freezing fast – out with the dog and a symphony of cracking and groaning ice as the tide went out. Thinking the rain is pretty much over – winter’s about to rear her head and blanket us.

Doesn’t matter really, we live in New England for a reason. So shooting snowless photos may be about to end – until then, here’s the river ice and wishes for a wonderful New Year.


Two days ago I had the privilege of speaking to a photojournalism class at New Hampshire Institute of Art. Preparing was hell! How do you boil down 35 years of news coverage to 50-100 images? Some of the major events like the Attica prison riot happened before they were born. (more…)

I go to a lot of weddings, but rarely as a guest. But Thursday I drove 5 hours North to get to Northeast Harbor and catch the mailboat to Islesford, Maine – also known as Little Cranberry Island.

The island is a fir and pine forest mainly inhabited by people who fish for lobster for a living. Though the lifestyle may seem romantic and appealing, I assure you it’s not.  What it is though is community in it’s highest form – I think everyone on the island attended the wedding and reception.
What brought me there? The groom was my nephew, one of the world’s great people who married his equal when it comes to great people. (more…)

Met Tyler and Rachel a few years ago at Ben and Angie’s wedding I was shooting. Last year Tyler called about having me shoot his wedding. I was psyched – I remembered him from the wedding as a very carefree, easy going guy.

After meeting with he and Rachel, I knew this was a great match.

Tyler, by the way, is a brew master for a local micro brewery. I think he and talked as much about beer as we did about the wedding. Fortunately Rachel was there to keep us on track! (more…)

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, you actually get a second chance. Last week I got a phone call from a volunteer at the Center for Wildlife; she was going to be releasing a saw-whet owl. Unfortunately, I was in the throes of the flu and had to watch the chance go by without me. I was more than  a little bummed out. I have always had a fascination for raptors – at one point in my life I even investigated what it would take to get a falconry license. Needless to say, I didn’t have what it took! (more…)

Deena and Sean are Massachusetts natives now living just outside Washington DC. When they decided to get married, the choice was pretty easy – back to Massachusetts. A few weeks ago they were back home for a visit and we took advantage of the time to do an engagement shoot. Given that they are baseball fans – and opening day was just a couple of days away, shooting around Fenway Park was a natural. (more…)

I shot Nicole and Joe’s wedding in late February – what a splendid time! The wedding ceremony was in the Acadaemy of Notre Dame where Nicole went to school – a former monastery turned into school – you could feel the history in the hallways. Then off to the Andover Country Club for the reception, with a major surprise on the way. The wedding party was in a bus in front of me and as we came down an exit ramp I spotted a car in the median strip with flames coming from the rear wheel. Nicole’s dad spotted it to because the bus stopped and a tuxedo-clad father of the bride came running out with a fire extinguisher in hand. He’s a professional firefighter and duty took over. (more…)

Been sort of on the wagon from the blog lately – lots to catch up on, tons of pictures to share and other interesting items to pass on as well, so look for a spate of posts coming in the near future.
Not in any sort of chronological order of what’s been going on, let’s start with an engagement  shoot I did  with good friends Chris and Kim. (more…)