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Bone-chilling cold, then mild Spring-like then bone-chilling cold…but not enough snow to make it seem like it’s already mid-January. That’s been the story of our winter so far.

And unless you’re a plow truck driver there a lot of people see certain benefits to the lack of white stuff on the ground – certainly cold enough for the ski areas to make plenty of snow.

Looked out the office window this morning and was struck by the wind swept patterns in the couple of inches of snow we do have on the ground – still haven’t bought that macro lens I keep promising myself so I shot from 30 feet up with a long lens…came out kinda interesting.

Would love to hear what you think!

JRR_1602 JRR_1591JRR_1596

Good friend and world class wildlife rehabilitator Jane Kelly called the other day – she was releasing a young Barred Owl back into the wild after nursing it back to health, was I interested. Ok, it’s hard not to be facetious when answering that question – seeing raptors up close, having the opportunity to watch them return to their natural habitat, heck just seeing an owl instead of just hearing it – how could a person pass up that opportunity.

So this beauty, which had been hit by a car, was so ready to take off – biting Jane, clacking it’s beak ( reminded me of the sound of the alien in Predator). Jane let it go and it took off to the trees like it had been shot from a cannon. Immediately perched on a branch and started taking in it’s surroundings. What a moment.

After, Jane brought out a Eurasian eagle Owl – the largest in the owl family, which looked like a great horned owl on steroids and had the most piercing eyes I’ve ever seen .

Just another amazing experience with this lady who is so comfortable with birds of prey, birds that stir both awe and fear in most of us. Her raptor rehabilitation work is supported by visits to schools to educate the rest of us about raptors – interested, leave a comment or send me an email – I’ll connect you to the coolest raptor lady ever.

JRR_9504 JRR_9510 JRR_9525 JRR_9529 JRR_9533 JRR_9640 JRR_9738


I’m no student of meteorology, but it seems to me that because of the influence of the ocean it’s impossible to predict the severity of the winter storms that hit the area. The weather folks issue warnings, alerts, talk about accumulations in feet instead of inches. Really it’s all a big crap shoot.

So tonight they’re talking about  1 to 2 feet of snow, schools have already cancelled, the grocery stores are packed like it’s the end of the world. There are lines at the gas stations, everyone is prepping their generators – OK, I’ll admit I’ll probably dig out the camp stove just in case, it’s the best I can do … no generator to get ready. (more…)

Decided that since the beach is a favorite for me, it was the place to start 2013. Up at 4:30am, out the door by 5, coffee steaming and a thermos full for warmth later. At the beach and on the sand before 5:30 – more than hour to kill before false dawn, wind blowing and guess what…it’s not exactly balmy out!

Doesn’t matter, the air is crisp and clean, just what I need for a start to a year. (more…)

Crazy light this last day of the year – at 6:45am it’s still dark with a foggy overcast. Heading out with the dog for his morning run, grabbed a camera knowing the light was too cool to pass up.

Fog is ever present on the trail – slow, slow shutter speeds but still shooting wide open, my favorite combination for shooting. Old and familiar all look different in this light, a light that happens rarely – even more rare to be in a spot to work with it. (more…)

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, you actually get a second chance. Last week I got a phone call from a volunteer at the Center for Wildlife; she was going to be releasing a saw-whet owl. Unfortunately, I was in the throes of the flu and had to watch the chance go by without me. I was more than  a little bummed out. I have always had a fascination for raptors – at one point in my life I even investigated what it would take to get a falconry license. Needless to say, I didn’t have what it took! (more…)