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I go to a lot of weddings, but rarely as a guest. But Thursday I drove 5 hours North to get to Northeast Harbor and catch the mailboat to Islesford, Maine – also known as Little Cranberry Island.

The island is a fir and pine forest mainly inhabited by people who fish for lobster for a living. Though the lifestyle may seem romantic and appealing, I assure you it’s not.  What it is though is community in it’s highest form – I think everyone on the island attended the wedding and reception.
What brought me there? The groom was my nephew, one of the world’s great people who married his equal when it comes to great people. (more…)

Wanting to post these photos before they get stale – but seem to be at a lot for words. Instead, I’ll just fire a few random thoughts:

The location was the Seaport Hotel at Boston’s World Trade Center – in a word fabulous! Beautiful facility, gourmet food, a staff that went beyond helpful and an event coordinator that defined professional. Don’t know what it costs, but check it out if you’re getting married. Here’s a link to the hotel.
The only thing that outstripped the facility was the couple! William and Anisha are truly an incredible couple. Quiet, understated, elegant. (more…)

I shot Nicole and Joe’s wedding in late February – what a splendid time! The wedding ceremony was in the Acadaemy of Notre Dame where Nicole went to school – a former monastery turned into school – you could feel the history in the hallways. Then off to the Andover Country Club for the reception, with a major surprise on the way. The wedding party was in a bus in front of me and as we came down an exit ramp I spotted a car in the median strip with flames coming from the rear wheel. Nicole’s dad spotted it to because the bus stopped and a tuxedo-clad father of the bride came running out with a fire extinguisher in hand. He’s a professional firefighter and duty took over. (more…)

So if you’ve read the about page on this blog, you are aware I’m an animal lover with a pile of pets. Because of those pets I met Katie. She was working at the vet where my animals go when needed. We got to talking ( Ok, some might accuse me of flirting…but me????) and when she mentioned a boyfriend and the thoughts of marriage, I quickly pulled a business card from my wallet and asked her to check my website. (more…)

Saturday was Racheal and Patrick’s wedding – the ceremony was in a Catholic Church in Massachusetts and the reception moved to the Pelham Inn in Pelham, NH. These were two huge Irish families – and all I can say is the Irish are no slouches when it comes to knowing how to party! After the couple’s first dance, there were never less than a hundred people on the dance floor – young, old, it didn’t matter – everyone was there to dance and celebrate. (more…)

A little east of Bangor, Maine is the small town of Holden. It’s actually the first place in Maine I experienced – went there on a rare family vacation long time ago when I was a kid – and it started an affair with the state that’s never ended. I’ve visited, resided, went to college, and done lots of photography in Maine, and I continue to call it home even though I wasn’t born there. (more…)

This weekend Roger Ramirez ( my colleague at Chariot Photo – www.chariotphoto.com -) and I were on New Hampshire’s Squam Lake shooting Meridith and Ben’s wedding – how else can it be described except for incredible! After a week’s worth of cold rain, the weather broke Saturday morning – the sun shone, the temperature rose…and the mosquitos and black flies were caught unaware, so no bug issues to complicate an outdoor wedding. (more…)

First place!

December 13, 2008

I’ve been at the photography game a long time, and I have won enough awards over the years that I thought I was over the rush of awards. The Wedding Photojournalists Association ( WPJA) – a group I am a member of – has 4 contests a year, drawing judges from some mighty lofty places – often pulitzer prize winning photographers, some of the best shooters in the world. (more…)