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I go to a lot of weddings, but rarely as a guest. But Thursday I drove 5 hours North to get to Northeast Harbor and catch the mailboat to Islesford, Maine – also known as Little Cranberry Island.

The island is a fir and pine forest mainly inhabited by people who fish for lobster for a living. Though the lifestyle may seem romantic and appealing, I assure you it’s not.  What it is though is community in it’s highest form – I think everyone on the island attended the wedding and reception.
What brought me there? The groom was my nephew, one of the world’s great people who married his equal when it comes to great people. (more…)

News flash – it was raining in New Hampshire last Sunday. It seems like its been doing that a lot lately…and two engagement sessions scheduled to boot.

I called Joanna and Ryan – “What ‘cha want to do?” Not even a moment’s  hesitation – “Let’s shoot in the rain!” was the response, then ” The rain won’t hurt your camera, will it?” (more…)

A little east of Bangor, Maine is the small town of Holden. It’s actually the first place in Maine I experienced – went there on a rare family vacation long time ago when I was a kid – and it started an affair with the state that’s never ended. I’ve visited, resided, went to college, and done lots of photography in Maine, and I continue to call it home even though I wasn’t born there. (more…)