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Wanting to post these photos before they get stale – but seem to be at a lot for words. Instead, I’ll just fire a few random thoughts:

The location was the Seaport Hotel at Boston’s World Trade Center – in a word fabulous! Beautiful facility, gourmet food, a staff that went beyond helpful and an event coordinator that defined professional. Don’t know what it costs, but check it out if you’re getting married. Here’s a link to the hotel.
The only thing that outstripped the facility was the couple! William and Anisha are truly an incredible couple. Quiet, understated, elegant. (more…)

Boston Public Garden – a beautiful spot but tough for an engagement shoot. Why? Well, the list is long, but the big two are parking ( or lack of) and crowds.

Originally when Anvi, Augustine and I had talked about an engagement shoot we were looking at a few parks outside of Boston. Later Anvi asked if we could go to the public gardens.  I mentioned the problems but she clearly wanted to go to the gardens…and after all its her wedding. OK, we’ll do the gardens. (more…)

Got a call from good friend and colleague Mark Morelli – a friend of his was getting married, was I interested. ” Sure, Mark, what’s the contact information?”  Ok, the fact is I’m not a big phone lover. I’ve never been good at small talk or schmoozing on the airways, much better at both in person. However,  two minutes into this call and I was hooked!

It quickly became apparent that Anisha was simply amazing. We talked like we had known each other all our lives – and I was ready to shoot her wedding before I had even met her! (more…)

My usual deal is to include an engagement shoot as part of the wedding contract. Its a win-win situation. I get a chance to start a working relationship with a couple so I’m not trying to figure out what makes them tick at their wedding.

The couple gets used to being photographed and dealing with my personality. Additionally they get a start on a “family” album. So often couples have individual photographs but few of them together. (more…)

I do an engagement shoot as part of my wedding package – it gives us a good start on a working relationship, we get used to each other’s quirks and styles, and the fact is that most couples don’t have many pictures of themselves – lots of pictures of their partners, not many of them together. It’s a nice opportunity to get a start on a collection of “couples” pictures. (more…)

The New England weather has been so topsy turvy this year – a mild fairly snowless winter, torrential rains and floods in early spring, then hot summer-like temperatures followed by cold, windy, drizzly late spring…those who think global climate change is a farce must have their heads stuck in the sand. (more…)

Deena and Sean are Massachusetts natives now living just outside Washington DC. When they decided to get married, the choice was pretty easy – back to Massachusetts. A few weeks ago they were back home for a visit and we took advantage of the time to do an engagement shoot. Given that they are baseball fans – and opening day was just a couple of days away, shooting around Fenway Park was a natural. (more…)

I shot Nicole and Joe’s wedding in late February – what a splendid time! The wedding ceremony was in the Acadaemy of Notre Dame where Nicole went to school – a former monastery turned into school – you could feel the history in the hallways. Then off to the Andover Country Club for the reception, with a major surprise on the way. The wedding party was in a bus in front of me and as we came down an exit ramp I spotted a car in the median strip with flames coming from the rear wheel. Nicole’s dad spotted it to because the bus stopped and a tuxedo-clad father of the bride came running out with a fire extinguisher in hand. He’s a professional firefighter and duty took over. (more…)

Saturday was Racheal and Patrick’s wedding – the ceremony was in a Catholic Church in Massachusetts and the reception moved to the Pelham Inn in Pelham, NH. These were two huge Irish families – and all I can say is the Irish are no slouches when it comes to knowing how to party! After the couple’s first dance, there were never less than a hundred people on the dance floor – young, old, it didn’t matter – everyone was there to dance and celebrate. (more…)