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Anyone living in New England knows how lucky we’ve been – with the exception of the Thanksgiving storm the weather has been mild and snowless – bad for the skiers, boarders and plow truck folks, but good for the rest of us.

Can’t say I minded seeing the ground on Christmas, but I have a feeling the party’s about over. The river in Newmarket is freezing fast – out with the dog and a symphony of cracking and groaning ice as the tide went out. Thinking the rain is pretty much over – winter’s about to rear her head and blanket us.

Doesn’t matter really, we live in New England for a reason. So shooting snowless photos may be about to end – until then, here’s the river ice and wishes for a wonderful New Year.


I shot Nicole and Joe’s wedding in late February – what a splendid time! The wedding ceremony was in the Acadaemy of Notre Dame where Nicole went to school – a former monastery turned into school – you could feel the history in the hallways. Then off to the Andover Country Club for the reception, with a major surprise on the way. The wedding party was in a bus in front of me and as we came down an exit ramp I spotted a car in the median strip with flames coming from the rear wheel. Nicole’s dad spotted it to because the bus stopped and a tuxedo-clad father of the bride came running out with a fire extinguisher in hand. He’s a professional firefighter and duty took over. (more…)

For those of you who thought tap dance was old-fashioned, stodgy, or simply people clicking away on a stage…WRONG!

A couple of night’s ago I had the opportunity to photograph a performance of Clara’s Dream, a jazz and tap rendition of The Nutcracker produced by Maine dancer and artistic director Drika Overton. The costumes were stunning, the stage lighting and set design phenomenal, the band tremendous…but all paled in comparison to the dancers. They could have put this show on on your local street corner and it still would have been mind-blowing. (more…)

Saturday afternoon I was on a road trip to Concord, Mass for the ordination of our good friend Angela Herrera. A short time after we landed in New Hampshire, Angela and Carlos and their two children came to Boston so Angela could attend Harvard Divinity School. They were good friends from our tenure in Salem, Oregon and it was a real treat to reconnect with them. (more…)


January 21, 2009

Fedex brought me the nicest present today – my old harddrive and a spare I had sent in. On the spare was the recovery of my old. corrupted drive. Seems like everything but my applications was recovered – it will be a bit of time before I really know, but the best part was the folder of images from the jazz and tap odyssey were there! I honestly thought they were gone forever. (more…)