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I shot Nicole and Joe’s wedding in late February – what a splendid time! The wedding ceremony was in the Acadaemy of Notre Dame where Nicole went to school – a former monastery turned into school – you could feel the history in the hallways. Then off to the Andover Country Club for the reception, with a major surprise on the way. The wedding party was in a bus in front of me and as we came down an exit ramp I spotted a car in the median strip with flames coming from the rear wheel. Nicole’s dad spotted it to because the bus stopped and a tuxedo-clad father of the bride came running out with a fire extinguisher in hand. He’s a professional firefighter and duty took over. (more…)

Been sort of on the wagon from the blog lately – lots to catch up on, tons of pictures to share and other interesting items to pass on as well, so look for a spate of posts coming in the near future.
Not in any sort of chronological order of what’s been going on, let’s start with an engagement  shoot I did  with good friends Chris and Kim. (more…)

This morning I spent a  breathtakingly beautiful late fall morning – warm, reasonably dry, given a brief overnight shower, a gentle breeze –  with Amanda and Scott shooting engagement photos. The location was Willard Brook State Forest in Ashby, Mass and they couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful spot. (more…)

So if you’ve read the about page on this blog, you are aware I’m an animal lover with a pile of pets. Because of those pets I met Katie. She was working at the vet where my animals go when needed. We got to talking ( Ok, some might accuse me of flirting…but me????) and when she mentioned a boyfriend and the thoughts of marriage, I quickly pulled a business card from my wallet and asked her to check my website. (more…)

Saturday was Racheal and Patrick’s wedding – the ceremony was in a Catholic Church in Massachusetts and the reception moved to the Pelham Inn in Pelham, NH. These were two huge Irish families – and all I can say is the Irish are no slouches when it comes to knowing how to party! After the couple’s first dance, there were never less than a hundred people on the dance floor – young, old, it didn’t matter – everyone was there to dance and celebrate. (more…)

Last week I had my nose buried in the computer trying to catch up on a pile of pushed-to-the bottom-of-the-pile processing when the email alert sounded. Understand that I’ve made this sort of commitment to ignore the email for a while to get the work done, but my eyes are going buggy and – so much for the commitment – I open the email. (more…)

News flash – it was raining in New Hampshire last Sunday. It seems like its been doing that a lot lately…and two engagement sessions scheduled to boot.

I called Joanna and Ryan – “What ‘cha want to do?” Not even a moment’s  hesitation – “Let’s shoot in the rain!” was the response, then ” The rain won’t hurt your camera, will it?” (more…)

A little east of Bangor, Maine is the small town of Holden. It’s actually the first place in Maine I experienced – went there on a rare family vacation long time ago when I was a kid – and it started an affair with the state that’s never ended. I’ve visited, resided, went to college, and done lots of photography in Maine, and I continue to call it home even though I wasn’t born there. (more…)

I met Katie at the vet where I take my dog. Sid ( the dog) was a cute puppy in for his first set of shots and Katie was swept away! We talked and when I found out that she had a boyfriend, I popped the question: ” Are you guys thinking about getting married? Do you have a photographer? Here let me give you a card and a CD of samples.” (more…)

This weekend Roger Ramirez ( my colleague at Chariot Photo – www.chariotphoto.com -) and I were on New Hampshire’s Squam Lake shooting Meridith and Ben’s wedding – how else can it be described except for incredible! After a week’s worth of cold rain, the weather broke Saturday morning – the sun shone, the temperature rose…and the mosquitos and black flies were caught unaware, so no bug issues to complicate an outdoor wedding. (more…)