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News flash – it was raining in New Hampshire last Sunday. It seems like its been doing that a lot lately…and two engagement sessions scheduled to boot.

I called Joanna and Ryan – “What ‘cha want to do?” Not even a moment’s  hesitation – “Let’s shoot in the rain!” was the response, then ” The rain won’t hurt your camera, will it?” (more…)

A little east of Bangor, Maine is the small town of Holden. It’s actually the first place in Maine I experienced – went there on a rare family vacation long time ago when I was a kid – and it started an affair with the state that’s never ended. I’ve visited, resided, went to college, and done lots of photography in Maine, and I continue to call it home even though I wasn’t born there. (more…)

This weekend Roger Ramirez ( my colleague at Chariot Photo – www.chariotphoto.com -) and I were on New Hampshire’s Squam Lake shooting Meridith and Ben’s wedding – how else can it be described except for incredible! After a week’s worth of cold rain, the weather broke Saturday morning – the sun shone, the temperature rose…and the mosquitos and black flies were caught unaware, so no bug issues to complicate an outdoor wedding. (more…)

New Website

May 19, 2009

It’s been a labor of love – and sweat – and frustration – and major help from friends old and new…but the new website is finally live.

I started talking about doing a new site in the fall with the goal of being online with it by the end of the year. I was still talking about it in January, February, March…you get the drift. This afternoon it finally was as done as it was going to get without public viewing and feedback, so take a stroll over and let me know what you think. (more…)

Jon the Painter

January 27, 2009

That sounds almost biblical! Monday morning I set off for North Walpole, NH to meet up with Jon McAuliffe. Jon’s an artist, managing to do portraits – of the painted variety not photographic variety – for a living. Jon also happened to be selling a Mac G5 that I was needing – one of those must have been fate connections that you can make on Craigs List where he had advertised the machine. (more…)

Bridal Show

January 11, 2009

Today was the  bridal show in Portsmouth, NH sponsored by The Bay, 98.7 FM (http://www.987thebay.com) – and it was a testament to the hardy nature of Maine and New Hampshire brides ( and a few grooms too) – an overnight storm dumped a fresh half foot of snow on top of the ice-covered streets and walks. (more…)