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Last night Eliza and I dug a hole in the overgrowth up the hill from the house. I handled the pick, she the shovel. We were lucky – there weren’t as many tree roots and rocks as you would expect in this part of New Hampshire, though the fact that we were digging at dusk did multiply the mosquito factor exponentially. Too hot to wear shirts or sweatshirts, a lot of bare skin was offered for their nightly feast.

The hole was about 3-4 feet deep, a couple feet wide and the same long. Big enough to accommodate Boo. (more…)

There’s no end to the things I love about my daughter, but ranking right up there near the top is her attitutude about her hair – she views it as a canvas upon which art should be created, and if it doesn’t work, Oh well, it will grow out again.

Yesterday she decided to get a radical cut – I envisioned a mohawk or other such intense cut, but when I got home last night, I saw the most beautiful cut ever. The stylist, Shannon Dalesio, who owns Shearindipity in Newmarket, turned out to be a mind reader in the project. (more…)

Rachel – NH senior pictures

November 22, 2011

Shooting senior pictures is one of my favorite things to do – teenagers are just the best age group to work with. OK, they’re stubborn, filled with attitude, have the wisdom of youth and on and on. But they bring such energy to a shoot – energy and a willingness to risk pictures, to try new things. Totally refreshing!

Today I did a photo session with Rachel, who, by her own admission, isn’t exactly keen on being photographed. I think it took about 3 minutes before Rachel forgot she didn’t like having a camera staring her down. (more…)

Met Tyler and Rachel a few years ago at Ben and Angie’s wedding I was shooting. Last year Tyler called about having me shoot his wedding. I was psyched – I remembered him from the wedding as a very carefree, easy going guy.

After meeting with he and Rachel, I knew this was a great match.

Tyler, by the way, is a brew master for a local micro brewery. I think he and talked as much about beer as we did about the wedding. Fortunately Rachel was there to keep us on track! (more…)

Boston Public Garden – a beautiful spot but tough for an engagement shoot. Why? Well, the list is long, but the big two are parking ( or lack of) and crowds.

Originally when Anvi, Augustine and I had talked about an engagement shoot we were looking at a few parks outside of Boston. Later Anvi asked if we could go to the public gardens.  I mentioned the problems but she clearly wanted to go to the gardens…and after all its her wedding. OK, we’ll do the gardens. (more…)

Got a call from good friend and colleague Mark Morelli – a friend of his was getting married, was I interested. ” Sure, Mark, what’s the contact information?”  Ok, the fact is I’m not a big phone lover. I’ve never been good at small talk or schmoozing on the airways, much better at both in person. However,  two minutes into this call and I was hooked!

It quickly became apparent that Anisha was simply amazing. We talked like we had known each other all our lives – and I was ready to shoot her wedding before I had even met her! (more…)

Got together with Hannah and Miles to do an engagement shoot the other evening, so good to be back doing what I love doing the best. A really nice evening – mid 50’s, only trouble was the wind – real feel temperature was closer to 40, hair blowing, dust flying wind. The three of us donned jackets between locations…OK, for the most part I left mine on the whole time, but the location was spectacular – Searles Castle in Windham.

The castle itself was closed, but the grounds are amazing. Stone turrets, stone walls, beautiful woods, simply a great place to shoot photos. (more…)

Hanging out the other night with my two favorite girls, my daughter and her best friend, who is almost my second daughter. I have photographed these two young ladies so often, never get tired of shooting them either. In Maine, an old farmhouse, needing a coat of paint, but what a wonderful environment for some photos. Light going fast, cloudy overcast end of the day light. First processed them in color until I realized these photos were made for black and white. (more…)

I’ve started this blog post about a gazillion times – usually I’m pretty focused about what I want to say – but I’m thinking this time I’m trying to say too much and it keeps coming out as jumbled mush.

So I’ll just cut to the chase – here’s a selection of senior pictures I did at Great Bay Charter School. Unlike the ordinary senior picture shoot that involves going to the woods, beach or some other exotic location for a few hours, these were kids that needed senior pictures done, were at or near ( or past!) the yearbook’s deadline, and had to be done in 5-6 minutes each. (more…)

My usual deal is to include an engagement shoot as part of the wedding contract. Its a win-win situation. I get a chance to start a working relationship with a couple so I’m not trying to figure out what makes them tick at their wedding.

The couple gets used to being photographed and dealing with my personality. Additionally they get a start on a “family” album. So often couples have individual photographs but few of them together. (more…)