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Boston Public Garden – a beautiful spot but tough for an engagement shoot. Why? Well, the list is long, but the big two are parking ( or lack of) and crowds.

Originally when Anvi, Augustine and I had talked about an engagement shoot we were looking at a few parks outside of Boston. Later Anvi asked if we could go to the public gardens.  I mentioned the problems but she clearly wanted to go to the gardens…and after all its her wedding. OK, we’ll do the gardens. (more…)

Got a call from good friend and colleague Mark Morelli – a friend of his was getting married, was I interested. ” Sure, Mark, what’s the contact information?”  Ok, the fact is I’m not a big phone lover. I’ve never been good at small talk or schmoozing on the airways, much better at both in person. However,  two minutes into this call and I was hooked!

It quickly became apparent that Anisha was simply amazing. We talked like we had known each other all our lives – and I was ready to shoot her wedding before I had even met her! (more…)

Herrera family photos

December 17, 2008

When we moved to New Hampshire from Oregon – with a four year rest stop in Minnesota – we left some very close friends. One of them was the Herrera family. Angela and my wife were members of the “Cruncy Granola Moms” ( not their real name!) a group of young mothers who wanted to get together and talk about alternative ways to raise happy and healthy children. (more…)

Nina and Rob

November 23, 2008

Early on a recent Sunday morning I hooked up with Nina and Rob to shoot engagement photos – we spent 3 hours walking all over Boston, shooting tons of photos and having a ball. They are one of the easiest couples I’ve ever worked with – and so comfortable with each other – and a camera – that the whole shoot was a cakewalk. Their wedding should be a super time if the esession is any indication. (more…)