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Fortunately hair color lasts more than a day. . . fortunately for me at least.

Tuesday Meg came to school with the brightest shade of pink I’ve seen – and me without my camera. A brief conversation ( I love your hair, I really want to do a photo shoot, Great, how about tomorrow) and visions of how I would shoot it occupied too much of my mind the rest of the day. (more…)

I’ve started this blog post about a gazillion times – usually I’m pretty focused about what I want to say – but I’m thinking this time I’m trying to say too much and it keeps coming out as jumbled mush.

So I’ll just cut to the chase – here’s a selection of senior pictures I did at Great Bay Charter School. Unlike the ordinary senior picture shoot that involves going to the woods, beach or some other exotic location for a few hours, these were kids that needed senior pictures done, were at or near ( or past!) the yearbook’s deadline, and had to be done in 5-6 minutes each. (more…)