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Generally I don’t start shooting senior till late summer/early fall. The combination of teens wanting maximum tan and a healthy dose of procrastination conspire to create a crush of photo sessions close to yearbook deadlines.

What a treat to get to do a shoot in June! Kendrick is a renaissance kind of guy – serious student, has a plan for the future, competitively swims the butterfly and individual medley and is a surfer. The location was a no brainer – off to the beach. It was kind of a beautiful day, only thing missing was a few clouds in the sky to add some visual interest, but you just can’t have everything.

We spent a couple of hours meandering the beach, shooting this and that, trying different combinations of clothes, talking and just having fun. That’s an essential ingredient to a senior shoot – if it’s not fun the pictures won’t be as good as they could and probably won’t reflect who the young adult is.

Here are a few photos from the shoot.


Rachel – NH senior pictures

November 22, 2011

Shooting senior pictures is one of my favorite things to do – teenagers are just the best age group to work with. OK, they’re stubborn, filled with attitude, have the wisdom of youth and on and on. But they bring such energy to a shoot – energy and a willingness to risk pictures, to try new things. Totally refreshing!

Today I did a photo session with Rachel, who, by her own admission, isn’t exactly keen on being photographed. I think it took about 3 minutes before Rachel forgot she didn’t like having a camera staring her down. (more…)

I’ve started this blog post about a gazillion times – usually I’m pretty focused about what I want to say – but I’m thinking this time I’m trying to say too much and it keeps coming out as jumbled mush.

So I’ll just cut to the chase – here’s a selection of senior pictures I did at Great Bay Charter School. Unlike the ordinary senior picture shoot that involves going to the woods, beach or some other exotic location for a few hours, these were kids that needed senior pictures done, were at or near ( or past!) the yearbook’s deadline, and had to be done in 5-6 minutes each. (more…)

Annie – NH senior pictures

December 15, 2010

Time can really get away from me – just realized it has been 6 months since a blog post. Hate to make that admission, but its true!

Had a good senior picture season, I’ll start off with Annie. Whoever said teenagers can’t get up in the morning haven’t met Annie – we met at hampton Beach early one fall morning. She and her Mom brought one of their horses. (more…)

I was going through the senior pictures I’ve shot this year to choose a few representative ones for a booth at Newmarket’s Heritage Festival – and if you need a senior picture, come see me at the booth I’m sharing with the Lonely Little Thrift, and mention this blog post – I’ll give you a 15% discount off the normal print prices – OK I’ll get back to the point…its a great excercise looking back at what you’ve done, you get to see what’s working and what habits you’re slipping into … and I realized that I hadn’t posted any photos of the shoot with Christine. (more…)

Portraits under hot lights

September 11, 2009

Generally I disdain working under continuous lights – often called hot lights because the temperatures get so uncomfortable even the hardest-shelled ice maid would melt – but while at summer camp we did a lighting workshop with the photo students and opted for the two hot lights in softboxes as the easiest way for the folks to really see how light changed the subjects with manipulation. (more…)