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Been sort of on the wagon from the blog lately – lots to catch up on, tons of pictures to share and other interesting items to pass on as well, so look for a spate of posts coming in the near future.
Not in any sort of chronological order of what’s been going on, let’s start with an engagement  shoot I did  with good friends Chris and Kim. (more…)

This morning I spent a  breathtakingly beautiful late fall morning – warm, reasonably dry, given a brief overnight shower, a gentle breeze –  with Amanda and Scott shooting engagement photos. The location was Willard Brook State Forest in Ashby, Mass and they couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful spot. (more…)

Last week I had my nose buried in the computer trying to catch up on a pile of pushed-to-the bottom-of-the-pile processing when the email alert sounded. Understand that I’ve made this sort of commitment to ignore the email for a while to get the work done, but my eyes are going buggy and – so much for the commitment – I open the email. (more…)

News flash – it was raining in New Hampshire last Sunday. It seems like its been doing that a lot lately…and two engagement sessions scheduled to boot.

I called Joanna and Ryan – “What ‘cha want to do?” Not even a moment’s  hesitation – “Let’s shoot in the rain!” was the response, then ” The rain won’t hurt your camera, will it?” (more…)

New Hampshire weather being as fickle as it is, Ashley, Shaun and I kept getting weathered out on our plans for an engagement shoot, but managed to squeeze it in short days before their wedding.

We caught a beautiful day to meander around Portsmouth’s Prescott Park and the area around it. Highlight of the day was a boat of fisherman watching the shoot and yelling their congratulations to the couple. (more…)

I met Katie at the vet where I take my dog. Sid ( the dog) was a cute puppy in for his first set of shots and Katie was swept away! We talked and when I found out that she had a boyfriend, I popped the question: ” Are you guys thinking about getting married? Do you have a photographer? Here let me give you a card and a CD of samples.” (more…)

New Website

May 19, 2009

It’s been a labor of love – and sweat – and frustration – and major help from friends old and new…but the new website is finally live.

I started talking about doing a new site in the fall with the goal of being online with it by the end of the year. I was still talking about it in January, February, March…you get the drift. This afternoon it finally was as done as it was going to get without public viewing and feedback, so take a stroll over and let me know what you think. (more…)

Nina and Rob

November 23, 2008

Early on a recent Sunday morning I hooked up with Nina and Rob to shoot engagement photos – we spent 3 hours walking all over Boston, shooting tons of photos and having a ball. They are one of the easiest couples I’ve ever worked with – and so comfortable with each other – and a camera – that the whole shoot was a cakewalk. Their wedding should be a super time if the esession is any indication. (more…)