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Linden- Fashion photography

December 30, 2014

Long time friend ( and second daughter) Linden needed some photos for her college portfolio – she’s bound and determined to be a fashion designer. If my opinion is any indication, she’ll realize that goal!

We met the other morning – mild for late December in New Hampshire, but still bone-chilling cold if your portfolio consists of clothes designed either for New England summers or anytime in the Southwest.

She gritted her teeth ( and we took breaks so she could grab her jacket and warm up) and did a photo session before she ran off to visit relatives in Maine.

Hard to decide what I liked the best, but the prom dress – which she wore to her prom last year – is incredible.

Watch for her – she’ll be big time some day soon. Here’s a few photos from the shoot.

12-27-14 Linden clothing design 12-27-14 Linden clothing design 12-27-14 Linden clothing design 12-27-14 Linden clothing design 12-27-14 Linden clothing design 12-27-14 Linden clothing design

Most photographers cringe at the thought of group shots – so many faces to keep track of, how to manage getting everyone’s eyes open, everyone looking at the camera and  smiling, no hidden faces, no bad shadows on someone’s face. You get the idea. A veritable nightmare.

When I was a photojournalist I’d try to limit group sizes with justifications like ” There’s more impact with fewer people in the photo.”. Thankfully, it usually worked. (more…)

I’ve spent a few mornings recently standing in snow, wind, and sub-freezing temperatures shooting activities at the Amesbury Sports Park . It’s hard to hide the fact that it was pure fun, so why try to hide the fact. The facility has always been known for its great tubing runs and lifts, but this year they added a new lift – it’s not unlike a moving sidewalk at an airport – and a junkyard terrain park. (more…)

For those of you who thought tap dance was old-fashioned, stodgy, or simply people clicking away on a stage…WRONG!

A couple of night’s ago I had the opportunity to photograph a performance of Clara’s Dream, a jazz and tap rendition of The Nutcracker produced by Maine dancer and artistic director Drika Overton. The costumes were stunning, the stage lighting and set design phenomenal, the band tremendous…but all paled in comparison to the dancers. They could have put this show on on your local street corner and it still would have been mind-blowing. (more…)

Grand Chandeliers

April 15, 2009

Last week I traveled to Washington, DC to photograph the installation of four chandeliers in the US Senate caucus room. What an amazing assignment – witnessing a crew of 8 people from Acu-Bright working like a well-oiled machine, working with confidence even while using pipe wrenches above delicate glass structures, swaying in the air as they worked some 40 feet above the floor. All the while being surrounded by the history and power that is in the room. (more…)