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One of the best compliments I get is when I’m asked to shoot newborn photos of a couple whose wedding I photographed.

It’s a great reality check on the fact that my clients were very happy with their wedding photos. Such is the case with three-week-old Maeve, the daughter of Gerard and Scarlett. I swung by their house this afternoon and was greeted to the sight of one of the cutest infants ever!

Usually newborn photography¬†is a real test of the photographer – there’s no such thing as any commands – the child will look where ever they please, will cry, smile, sleep and do what they want. You just have to understand that they have all the control – the best you can do is work with the light and be flexible and laid back. I think that may be why some photographers cringe at the thought of a newborn photo session.

I like the idea of the subject having all that power – it’s no different than my days as a photojournalist. The job is to document not direct . . . it really is a great way to work.

So here is Maeve – hopefully the first of a number of photo shoots I’ll do with her.

8-10-14 Maeve Tannetta 8-10-14 Maeve Tannetta

Starting to revert more and more to Black and White – it’s where I started and where I keep returning. There’s just something so honest about black and white – you don’t get lost in the color, your attention is forced into the content and composition of the photo.

In this day and age of filters, presets and canned actions the craft of imaging feels lost in a sea of one-click adjustments. It feels nice to look at images in a simpler way though I think black and white is really much more complex.

Take Torunn, for instance. Her blond hair and red shorts pull your eye away from the feeling of the pure innocence of a napping child. There’s certainly a time and place where color really adds to the information, but for the most part I think it detracts.

Torunn is the youngest daughter of the head of the textile department at Charles River Arts Camp ( my home away from home in the summer). She – like her Mom – is a super high energy never-stop-for-a-break kind of kid.
The other day she finally ran out of steam – much to the surprise . . . and delight of her babysitter.
I was threatened with my life if I woke her while shooting – I was very careful!
Now if I could figure out how to load that Tri-X film into a digital camera! Just imagine, the speed of digital combined with the quality of film.
Nirvana indeed.