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One of the best compliments I get is when I’m asked to shoot newborn photos of a couple whose wedding I photographed.

It’s a great reality check on the fact that my clients were very happy with their wedding photos. Such is the case with three-week-old Maeve, the daughter of Gerard and Scarlett. I swung by their house this afternoon and was greeted to the sight of one of the cutest infants ever!

Usually newborn photography¬†is a real test of the photographer – there’s no such thing as any commands – the child will look where ever they please, will cry, smile, sleep and do what they want. You just have to understand that they have all the control – the best you can do is work with the light and be flexible and laid back. I think that may be why some photographers cringe at the thought of a newborn photo session.

I like the idea of the subject having all that power – it’s no different than my days as a photojournalist. The job is to document not direct . . . it really is a great way to work.

So here is Maeve – hopefully the first of a number of photo shoots I’ll do with her.

8-10-14 Maeve Tannetta 8-10-14 Maeve Tannetta

I, like so many other people, am aware of how quickly time passes, but nothing makes it so evident to me than when I photograph children.

In late November I photographed Tiana, the daughter of one of the great tattoo artists of New England, Phil at Tattoo Junkies in Newmarket.

Last weekend I went over to Phil’s to copy some of his painting for him, and while there I saw Tiana. Now almost 6 months old, I barely recognized her from the infant I had photographed in November. Could this really be the same little girl?

The paintings would have to wait – the fast passage of time had it’s hook in me, and Tiana was the only subject I could photograph.

A little time with her, I finished the paintings and jumped in the car to drive home, thinking to myself I’m glad I act so young – because time flying by makes all of us older by the day.




February 16, 2009

I don’t photograph a lot of babies – no particular reason, just don’t market myself that way – but the other day I went over to tara Bishop’s. She and husband Tim just had baby Brigid and as a present I told Tara I would shoot some photos. Tara and I have worked on projects togethjer for probably 5 years now and she’s one of the best there is to work with – no pushover – she knows what she wants – but is totally open to other ideas and the term micromanage isn’t even in her vocabulary. (more…)