Category: theater headshots

Just before Christmas I was commissioned to do some photographs of Cayla for a theater production she’s in. Seems like the East Coast has finally caught up with the west. The requirement used to be straight-on black and white photos – mug shots really. Now its either color or black and white, the personality of the subject is expected to come across in the photograph, and the deer-in-the-headlight stare directly into the camera is out. (more…)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph Karen. She needed new headshots for a theater resume and approached me about shooting them. We ended up working in a really tight space, the back of the Lonely Little Thrift shop in Newmarket since the store was closed Monday. The setup was simple – a black background to accentuate her hair, two small lights, one shooting through a white umbrella and the other just bounced with a dome to diffuse the light. (more…)