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Out for a hike  to spend time with family…and do some photography as well…and came upon this old house. Judging from the beams, we’re talking a home from the mid 1700’s I’d guess. From the looks of it, years of neglect and a roof that no longer kept out the weather were it’s demise and it’s now being taken down board by board. The person doing the job must be planning on re-using the lumber…and he or she has an infinite amount of patience! I’ve done that work before and it’s not for a person in any hurry.

What caught my eye was the door – would love to know why it is still on – not doing much in the way of keeping anything out, but visually a real treat. So, thank you to the unknown person doing the work – you provided a very satisfying photograph for me!

door5615for blog

So I met Kacey at a wedding this summer. I was shooting, she was busy but I mentioned I’d love to do a photo shoot with her sometime, was she interested.

She looked kind of skeptical but took my card – I told her to email me if she decided to model. A few days later she replied that she thought it would be fun – and we spent the next few months trying to coordinate schedules. It was worth the wait! This girl is a natural model and we found a perfect location for her personality and mine. (more…)

My parents are buried in a small rundown cemetery on the top of a hill in Wheeling, West Virginia. It’s not far from where I grew up, but it isn’t exactly around the corner from New hampshire, so I don’t get back there a lot.

When I do, there are two things that always happen – I have long tearful conversations with them, take stock of where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I’m heading. I suspect a therapist would have a field day if these conversations were recorded … thankfully they stay at the cemetery. (more…)