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So I met Kacey at a wedding this summer. I was shooting, she was busy but I mentioned I’d love to do a photo shoot with her sometime, was she interested.

She looked kind of skeptical but took my card – I told her to email me if she decided to model. A few days later she replied that she thought it would be fun – and we spent the next few months trying to coordinate schedules. It was worth the wait! This girl is a natural model and we found a perfect location for her personality and mine. (more…)

One of the huge benefits to working in a school is access to what seems like a never-ending supply of beautiful people to photograph. Couple that with the fact that one of the classes I teach is photography and the opens up a ton of options for subjects.

I was thinking about having the class do a project on photographing people with window light and figured a few examples would go further than just talking about it, so I asked Ashlee ( who was sporting a new hairdo that day) if I could photograph her. (more…)

Fortunately hair color lasts more than a day. . . fortunately for me at least.

Tuesday Meg came to school with the brightest shade of pink I’ve seen – and me without my camera. A brief conversation ( I love your hair, I really want to do a photo shoot, Great, how about tomorrow) and visions of how I would shoot it occupied too much of my mind the rest of the day. (more…)

Decided that since the beach is a favorite for me, it was the place to start 2013. Up at 4:30am, out the door by 5, coffee steaming and a thermos full for warmth later. At the beach and on the sand before 5:30 – more than hour to kill before false dawn, wind blowing and guess what…it’s not exactly balmy out!

Doesn’t matter, the air is crisp and clean, just what I need for a start to a year. (more…)

Last night Eliza and I dug a hole in the overgrowth up the hill from the house. I handled the pick, she the shovel. We were lucky – there weren’t as many tree roots and rocks as you would expect in this part of New Hampshire, though the fact that we were digging at dusk did multiply the mosquito factor exponentially. Too hot to wear shirts or sweatshirts, a lot of bare skin was offered for their nightly feast.

The hole was about 3-4 feet deep, a couple feet wide and the same long. Big enough to accommodate Boo. (more…)

There’s no end to the things I love about my daughter, but ranking right up there near the top is her attitutude about her hair – she views it as a canvas upon which art should be created, and if it doesn’t work, Oh well, it will grow out again.

Yesterday she decided to get a radical cut – I envisioned a mohawk or other such intense cut, but when I got home last night, I saw the most beautiful cut ever. The stylist, Shannon Dalesio, who owns Shearindipity in Newmarket, turned out to be a mind reader in the project. (more…)

Rachel – NH senior pictures

November 22, 2011

Shooting senior pictures is one of my favorite things to do – teenagers are just the best age group to work with. OK, they’re stubborn, filled with attitude, have the wisdom of youth and on and on. But they bring such energy to a shoot – energy and a willingness to risk pictures, to try new things. Totally refreshing!

Today I did a photo session with Rachel, who, by her own admission, isn’t exactly keen on being photographed. I think it took about 3 minutes before Rachel forgot she didn’t like having a camera staring her down. (more…)

Boston Public Garden – a beautiful spot but tough for an engagement shoot. Why? Well, the list is long, but the big two are parking ( or lack of) and crowds.

Originally when Anvi, Augustine and I had talked about an engagement shoot we were looking at a few parks outside of Boston. Later Anvi asked if we could go to the public gardens.  I mentioned the problems but she clearly wanted to go to the gardens…and after all its her wedding. OK, we’ll do the gardens. (more…)